Wheel life stories from a vintage airstream

Go Toaster Go!


A Unique Perspective

They call me “Toaster”… I like this name. Mostly because I like the two of them and I don’t really care what they call me. She’s beautiful and he’s adventurous, and although they probably don’t mind if I’m around or not, I secretly know that the times we have together will be the best times of their lives…

They’ve been on a year long hunt to find me. Emails back and forth between the two of them pointed at other Airstreams they thought were “the one”, but I knew my patience would ultimately land me in the hands of this excited couple. Lauren, my previous owner, posted me for sale at $7,500 which was well over what they were seeing or budgeting for a year prior. Personally I know I’m worth a million.

Next thing I know, I’m flying 50 mph behind their truck and can feel the wind on my face for the first time in over 20 years. Smiling window to window, I dream about the next chapter of my life with these two, rather audacious, souls.

Up next… my makeover starts. I’ll be honest, I’m considerably out of shape. Wasn’t getting much movement while I sat in the bush for years on end. They are estimating about 8 months to rip my guts out and put them back together, one rivet at a time. Follow me during the next several months as I narrate the transformation and hear stories from the road, coming early 2018!

Stories from the Toaster coming soon!